Name: Ms Ashley Vee
Birth Date: January 12, 1987
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Ethnicity: Filipino American
Zodiac: Capriocorn
Height: 5′3
Weight: 105 llbs
Measurements: 32, 24, 35
Occupation: Model/Gogo Dancer/Nursing Student

Special skills: Playing the piano and all types of DANCE

Hobbies: Dancing, laughing (is the best MEDICINE!), shopping, and being around the positive vibe (no fakies, please)

Turn-ons: A guy with a good head on his shoulders, very well groomed, funny, fresh hair-cuts, cute smile, sexy and smart.. hmmm he sounds familiar :)

Turn-offs: No life, jobless, losers, and bad hygiene

As many of you guys know, my name is Ashley Vee. Im very well known as a Go-go dancer and Import Model. I’ve been doing this awesome job for 4 years now since I turn the age of 18.

I started off Go-Go dancing when Rockthebay Ent. first came out to the scene and needed to start off a ‘go-go crew’. Being one of the lucky girl out of the bunch, I branched out and started working on my own.

I’ve modeled for many great photographers and been out to model and represent many of the well known companies out there.

So far I did my first magazine ad! I’ve been in ‘Performance, Auto & Sound for several issues and bout to come out in another well known magazine! But it’s a secret for now! So keep on a look out :)

Hopefully, I see all you guys and gals at my events or shows and dont be afraid to come up & say HI! Thank you for all your support.